Eva Vorkoeper

Photo by Michaela Kuhn

the own collection...

For ev_, sustainability in itself is one of the basic perceptions of design. On her opinion, design should create an additional benefit for a product in terms of a long-life in principle.

hat applys not only to the durability of material, but also to time overlapping modernity in style and function.

Thus even after 10 years, bags as the "variobag" with it's ingenious wearing system or the "wonderbag" with it's surprising moments of changeability appear still up-to-date and advance quasi into a "classic".

Extraordinary combination of materials like the "one skirt more" or refining by individual adornments into unique items like the "single turns", give the garments an ever new expression. The fine trimmed patterns are sometimes minimalistic and unostentatious or pleasently ornamentel. Either way, the pieces are timeless, elegant and wearable at any time and to any occasion.

The exclusive and premium fabrics are selected and sourced at "Premier Vision" in Paris, within Germany or from neighbouring European countries such as Italy, France, and England. All products are manufactured either in Germany or in the Czech Republic.


Always being focused on the aspired market segments and the expression of the future collection, empathy and intuition are essential for Eva Vorkoeper for each cooperation with third party clients.

The deep knowledge and long term experience in design-development, production management and monitoring have made ev_ a reliable and competent partner in customizing your wishes.

As graduated fashion designer, Eva Vorkoeper handles every single step of the chain of realisation, from sketching the idea, transforming it into a concept, prototypes and pattern up to productivity and introduction in the market.

ev_ would be happy to support you either as consultant or designer.

Service at a glance:
- Assistance from the first idea up to the finished product
- composition of collection:
- designdevelopment, realisation, support or consultancy
- trend research
- productmanagement
- production monitoring

her life in a few words...

After her diploma, Eva Vorkoeper began developing collections for her own label in 1999. Parallel she developed concepts, designs or complete collections for other labels within the Fashion and Interior Design Industries.

In 2004, she joined with the textile designer Bettina Goettke-Krogmann creating a extraordinary, textile home accessories - line under the separate label evbgk.

Both companies will be represented by Eva Vorkoeper at international fairs and exhibitions.

Under the title "Stark am Markt als Designer/in" (in translation it could be something like "Strong at the market as designer"), she offers together with Susanne Diemann advanced seminars for start-ups and further education for creative professions.